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Submission Guidelines

Transparency matters.

Seller Guidelines

Buyer Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Because transparency matters on Purity, we ask all members to adhere to these requirements.

Everything shared and sold on Purity:

Must be made by you

Sharing projects and selling artwork and other objects you did not make is not allowed. You may however save and like other members photos already uploaded to the site that inspire you. In fact, we encourage you to do this.

Must be made by students

Artwork and objects featured and sold on Purity must be made and designed by students. To be able to share and sell your work on Purity you must be a student.

How do you verify that featured projects, artwork and other objects were made by students?

Tips For Uploading Your Work

Start with high quality photos! You know you love beautiful photography. We all do.

1. Create an attractive profile

Pick a beautiful avatar that will help people recognize you. Profile avatars look their best at 300 x 300 pixels or more. You should include a description to introduce yourself, list your school name and major, and link your website and social accounts. Profile can be accessed and edited in Settings.

2. Create and organize your galleries

To add a gallery tap or click the gallery icon.

Don’t forget to give your galleries¬†clear names and assign them to appropriate categories.

3. Add photos to your galleries

Beautiful photos are crucial to successfully selling your work online.

To add a photo tap or click the camera icon.

Choose high-quality beautiful photos. Uploaded images must be a minimum size of 700 pixels wide. For best results we recommend to crop your images to 1080 pixels wide.

Fill out…

Object Name/Title


Write a captivating and intriguing description. What would capture your attention or tickle your curiosity as a buyer? If you are selling, think about the description from a buyer’s perspective. Tell a story behind the work you are selling and help in the buy decision. Please disclose all flaws in your work.

Artist/Designer Name

Year Created




Video URL

If you want to embed YouTube, Vine or Vimeo video paste the URL of the content you’d like to embed.

Choose an existing gallery or add a new gallery for your photo

To add a new gallery: Select “Add new gallery‚Ķ‚ÄĚ, enter new gallery¬†title and select a category for new gallery.

Want to sell your work?

If you want to sell your work¬†select ‚ÄúWant to sell this?‚ÄĚ and fill out the required fields.


Click Save Photo and share your work with the world!

Objects offered for sale will show in Store section of your profile page.


Got feedback, idea, need help or just want to say hi? Reach out to us via email at [email protected]