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Seller Guidelines

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Seller Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines

Honesty and trust is important to Purity and our community. We ask that students maintain a transparent store and represent themselves and their work accurately.

Because transparency matters on Purity, we ask all members to adhere to these selling requirements.

  • Create an attractive profile. You should include a description to introduce yourself, list your school name and major, include your contact details, and link your website and social accounts. Profile and your store details can be accessed and edited in settings.
  • Selling artwork and other objects you did not make is not allowed.
  • All work listed for sale must be finished. Selling unfinished objects is not allowed.
  • Make sure your work is allowed to be sold on Purity and that you may legally sell it.
  • Your work listed for sale must be accurately described and include photo, price, artist/designer name, object name/title, delivery details, year created, medium used, dimensions, your contact details, and any other information you wish to submit.
  • Write a captivating and intriguing description. What would capture your attention or tickle your curiosity as a buyer? Think about the description from a buyer’s perspective. Tell a story behind the work you are selling and help in the buy decision. Please disclose all flaws in your work.
  • You know you love beautiful photography. We all do. Before uploading a photo of your work please make sure it meets the following criteria: good lighting/exposure, good presentation/composition, good sharpness.
  • Honor your shipping, processing and delivery times.
  • Respond to clients in a timely manner.
  • Explain your store’s policies (e.g. shipping, returns, exchanges, refunds, etc.) clearly and honor those commitments.
  • If you do not accept returns or exchanges, and all sales are final, please make sure you specify this in your listing.
  • If you are unable to complete an order, you must notify the buyer and cancel the order.
  • Please try to work out disagreements or disputes directly with the buyer.
  • Spamming the gallery is not allowed. Duplicate listings will be flagged and deleted.
  • Students under the age of eighteen (18) can only sell on Purity from an account that their parent or legal guardian manages.

To keep the gallery section up to date, once your item is sold or is no longer available for sale please edit your listing and uncheck “Want to sell this?” Your work will remain on Purity for others to view and enjoy but it will no longer be listed for sale.

For more information about selling on Purity please review Selling Section, Submission Guidelines, Community Guidelines, and Purity Seller Agreement.

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