Madagascan Getaway

This is a view of the the living room in an upcycled home in Madagascar. It is composed of two Grain Silos, repurposed, cut, and put together to create this retreat for honeymooning couples. It is environmentally friendly and the materials used in the building of this home such as the Green Lemurian Granite and Iroko wood flooring are all sourced within 500 miles of Madagascar. The full height windows allow natural light to flood the room thus helping to conserve energy while at the same time giving residents views of the Madagascan beachside. With the solid reassuring colors of white, black, and blue residents wlll feel right at home for the duration of their stay. A large white wool rug acts as the centerpiece of the room, pulling the various pieces of furniture together and creating a unified focal point. 

Object Name/Title: Madagascan Getaway
Artist/Designer Name: Shulammite Ng
Year: 2015
Medium: Digital Rendering created with Revit and Photoshop
Dimensions: 3245 × 4000